Join Georgia Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (Georgia AIM) in our efforts to position Georgia as a leader in AI manufacturing.​

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly expanding technology in the manufacturing industry, with more than 80% of manufacturers already investing in AI or considering investing soon.

AI infusion into manufacturing makes manufacturing more efficient while generating thousands of high paying AI manufacturing jobs. Created to leverage innovative ideas and programs in AI, Georgia AIM strives to propel Georgia manufacturing into the future. 

Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), Georgia AIM is reaching all Georgia residents — including rural residents, women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), those living with disabilities, and veterans, groups historically underrepresented in manufacturing. The grant also supports efforts to reach students in grades K-12, technical colleges, and four-year universities, as well as Georgians without a college degree. Through innovation, collaboration, education, and participation, Georgia AIM provides the tools and knowledge to empower all communities to fully participate in a diverse AI manufacturing workforce.

Our Vision

To drive AI adoption and lead the next revolution in U.S. manufacturing:

  • Across all sectors
  • Across all geographies
  • Across all communities
  • Across all residents

Who We Serve

Our Projects

Georgia AIM’s projects are located across the state, leveraging a network of partners to fulfill its mission of the equitable development and deployment of talent and innovation in AI for all manufacturing sectors. From broader talent development initiatives to industry- and region-specific projects, Georgia AIM works to realize AI advancement across Georgia and beyond. 

Serving Georgia's Communities

Targeting equitable development and deployment of talent and innovation.

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Talent Deployment

Establishing an AI workforce pipeline.

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Mobile Labs

Driving equity and innovation in AI manufacturing.

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Southwest Georgia Ecosystem

Reinforcing key industries to create a stable economy.

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Cultivating and placing AI manufacturing talent.

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AI Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AI-MPF)

Creating a revolutionary AI Manufacturing Facility.

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Manufacturer Cyber-Security Adoption

Ensuring equity in protection and driving cyber resiliency.

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Middle Georgia Innovation 

Leveraging regional national AI robotics innovation to infuse AI manufacturers.

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Members of the 17 projects and organizations associated with Georgia Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (Georgia AIM) recently gathered at the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training

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