AI Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AI-MPF)

Creating a revolutionary AI Manufacturing Facility. 

In response to increased urgency for AI infusion into manufacturing, the Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility at Georgia Tech is building out a section of the facility called the AI Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AIMPF). This project will provide Georgia AIM with a world-leading proving ground for cooperative industry-academia-government pilot trials and innovation of new technologies, cybersecurity games, and workforce training to innovate, transition, and create AI manufacturing technologies and workforce with mitigated risk.

AIMPF operates digitally integrated pilot manufacturing systems spanning synthesis of feedstocks, semi-finished goods, finished goods, manufacturing quality systems, characterization, reducing energy footprints and CO2 emissions, recycling capabilities, wireless communications, and cyber-physical security.

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This project is also guided by an ethics (equity, fairness, accountability, and transparency) work stream to prioritize opportunity and inclusion of underrepresented populations while assessing and improving societal impacts of AI manufacturing by supporting a well-trained and augmented workforce using state-of-the-art AI.

Creating a world leading facility that ensures secure U.S. global AI manufacturing competitiveness for generations will forever invigorate economic equity, prosperity, and resilience in Georgia.

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