Manufacturer Cyber-Security Adoption

Ensuring equity in protection and driving cyber resiliency.

Facilities must be digitally connected to fully utilize and execute AI in manufacturing. This connection exposes a wide variety of security risks that need to be mitigated.

To ensure equity in protection and drive cyber resiliency as AI is implemented across the many manufacturing sectors addressed by Georgia AIM, the Georgia Cyber Center (GCC) at Augusta University is deploying cyber risk assessments and an assistance program for manufacturers through the Georgia AIM Manufacturer Cyber Security Adoption (MCSA) project. The GCC is well-positioned to conduct assessments and tailor cybersecurity training to employees, IT staff, and leadership.

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As part of the project, the GCC will prioritize facilities in rural and minority communities, minority and women-owned businesses, and small and medium enterprises for assessment and support services, including:

  • Creating awareness of cyber threats
  • Developing an actionable strategy specific to a manufacturer’s vulnerabilities
  • Recommending comprehensive, phased plans to mitigate associated risks

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