Southwest Georgia Ecosystem

Reinforcing key industries to create a stable economy.

Despite its rich history, powerful sense of community, and diverse agricultural and manufacturing base, Southwest Georgia has faced many economic hardships, including devastating storms and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Southwest Georgia Ecosystem Building Project, implemented by the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission (SWGRC), aims to solve the region’s economic challenges and create a stable economy able to withstand economic shocks.

This project is leveraging existing strengths in agricultural and manufacturing sectors to increase AI manufacturing adoption in Southwest Georgia.

By combining emerging technologies and building the regional workforce development foundation, The Southwest Georgia Ecosystem Building Project is reinforcing key industries in the region, including manufacturing in food production, manufacturing start-ups, supply chain logistics, and workforce development.

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  • Subproject 1: Inclusive Disaster Recovery Hub for Manufacturing and Logistics Continuity
  • Subproject 2: Automated Poultry Processing Operations AI Manufacturing Pilot Program
  • Subproject 3: Center for Autonomous DroneTechnology
  • Subproject 4: K-12 Innovation to Entrepreneurship in Manufacturing Ecosystem
  • Subproject 5: Moultrie-Colquitt AI Manufacturing Incubator
  • Subproject 6: Open Regional Solicitation for Projects

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Key Leadership

Beka Shiver

Economic Development and Transportation Planner, SWGRC


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