Serving Georgia’s Communities

Targeting equitable development and deployment of talent and innovation. 

The Community Engagement Project  is a collection of nine interrelated Georgia Tech subprojects that target AI manufacturing efforts across the state. These subprojects leverage expertise in a range of areas and allow Georgia AIM to connect with local networks for customized solutions for AI in manufacturing.

This project and its subprojects support the critical need identified for the Georgia AIM project, which is to help the state and the U.S. face the challenges related to:

  • securing the resiliency of its supply chains for future shocks
  • building globally competitive manufacturing capabilities across multiple sectors to rebuild its industrial economy
  • engaging and supporting underserved populations and communities through equitable access to innovation, training, and high-paying jobs in the next economic revolution—AI manufacturing.

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Supply Chain Logistics

Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCLI) is working to bolster rural supply chains through upskilling and credentialing employees in AI logistics. Through pilot projects at companies and ports, the institute is also enhancing transportation networks across the state. (Subproject 1) 

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators

The Georgia Tech InVenture Prize and the GoSTEM program are working to create the next generation of diverse engineers and entrepreneurs. These programs are connecting K-12 students with innovative solutions, creating a pipeline to immersive AI manufacturing education. These projects are creating training programs that infuse inventiveness and entrepreneurial thinking for teachers who serve diverse student populations. (Subproject 2)

AI Commercialization

Georgia Tech’s VentureLab is creating the Center for AI Commercialization to offer training and support for entrepreneurs using AI in manufacturing. This program supports faculty and students at all institutes of higher education in Georgia, including technical colleges, historically Black colleges and universities, and R1 research universities. (Subproject 3)

Assistance for Small and Medium Manufacturers

The Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP), one of the top-rated manufacturing extension programs in the country, works with companies to implement AI technologies for efficiencies and cybersecurity. GaMEP is increasing its reach to connect with rural manufacturers across Georgia. (Subproject 4)

Assisting Underserved Manufacturers

The Enterprise Innovation Institute’s Diversity Engagement program at Georgia Tech works with manufacturers that are owned or operated by minorities, women, and veterans. Through the “Connect to Hire” program, companies can access additional training and certification programs to upskill their workforce — resulting in greater AI adoption and helping communities increase productivity and profitability. (Subproject 5)

Encouraging Tech Startups

As the largest and most experienced startup incubator in the country, Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is creating a vertical program for AI manufacturing startups. This program will build upon the success of the Southeast Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Growth Hub for BIPOC founders, providing office support, coaching, and connections to resources and funding in the AI for Manufacturing sector. (Subproject 6)

Strategic Community Planning

Adoption of AI in manufacturing within communities requires a holistic approach. with that in mind, the Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR) provides economic development and planning to regional communities. CEDR will work with regional leadership and key partners to deliver strategic plans that implement AI solutions customized for that region, as well as assistance with integrating AI in future economic development operations. (Subproject 7)

Community Pilot Projects

A new program started with support from the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation connects innovations developed in university labs with pilot projects in communities. Working with Georgia AIM, this program is identifying manufacturing needs in a variety of communities, sectors, industries, and geographic areas. The Partnership for Inclusive Education’s Georgia Smart Communities Challenge helps support community readiness for AI manufacturing, and these successes will then serve as a model to areas facing similar challenges. (Subproject 8)

Project Governance

Georgia AIM requires coordination across its many projects. The project governance team tracks the progress and deliverables of the Georgia AIM projects and regularly reports to the Economic Development Administration. The project governance team works to knit the projects together as part of a cohesive team, establishes the data collection and procedures, and tells the story of advances in artificial intelligence in manufacturing in Georgia. (Subproject 9)

Who We Serve

Key Leadership

Ryan Scott, Ph.D.

Community Engagement Manager


Donna Ennis, C.P.F.



Camille Cowans, MBA, PMP, CSM

Senior Project Manager


Kristen Morales



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