Our Team

Shakiri Murrain

Director of Innovation Solutions Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship (RICE)

Shakiri Murrain is a proven leader in international business whose focus is building transnational relationships, bringing together cultures, and developing strategies for success.

Starting his career as an expat in China (2006-2012) led Murrain into the industry of product development, manufacturing, and international logistics. Understanding that international business begins with cultural sensitivity, the breadth of Murrain’s experience includes business level proficiency in Mandarin and Spanish and deep cultural immersion into both Latin America and Asia.

A deep passion for entrepreneurship and the design thinking process inspired Murrain to establish Jade Trading Company (2012) and invest nearly a decade into building manufacturing ready prototypes and leveraging global relationships to mass produce 130+ unique consumer products. That global experience propelled him into several ventures including supply chain management consultation for global organizations seeking to expand into new markets.

Murrain has wide ranging experience in additive manufacturing, quality assurance/quality control, design for manufacturing (DFM), Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), product packaging and e-commerce fulfillment/distribution.

As Director of Innovation Solutions for RICE, he leads the GA AIM Mobile Studio project under the Georgia Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Corridor (Georgia AIM) project. The project’s objective is to engage over 4,800 Georgians and create 200 manufacturing jobs by constructing a mobile studio to travel the state teaching about the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Murrain’s ultimate goal is to create an equitable platform where product development and global distribution are equally accessible to all those passionate about designing the products of our collective future.

Murrain received a Master’s in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Howard University.  He studied Spanish language/culture at the University of Salamanca and Chinese language/culture at Nanjing Normal University.