Our Team

Dan Rhoades

Chief Operations Officer, 21st Century Partnership

Dan Rhoades joined the 21st Century Partnership as the director of strategy in August of 2017 and became the chief operations officer in August 2018. In his role, Rhodes is responsible for development and execution of strategies and action plans to enable achievement of the partnership’s goals.

The 21st Century Partnership is the only nonprofit dedicated solely to supporting the missions of Robins Air Force Base, ensuring that the base and the Middle Georgia community are best postured to accept new base missions. The 21st Century Partnership accomplishes these goals by working closely with national, regional, and local leadership along with community organizations to positively influence those primary factors that will likely be considered under a future Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.

For more than 20 years, the 21st Century Partnership has been a key participant in all large-scale Department of Defense decision-making impacts to Robins Air Force Base.

Rhoades discovered the Middle Georgia area after having spent summers in Macon as a child, choosing this location to settle after he retired from the U.S. Navy. He began his military career in the Army Reserve National Guard, transitioning to full time service with the U.S. Navy. He retired in 2006 with 24 years of service, having spent the bulk of that time in the intelligence community building his strategic portfolio at U.S. Space Command, U.S. Strategic Command, and U.S. Transportation Command. Rhoades spent more than two years in Iraq providing intelligence analysis to the Iraqi government and other U.S. allies. During his time in Iraq, and on his return, he worked with L3, SAIC, and X-Technologies as a contractor. He then joined Air Force Reserve Command as a civil service employee working the 2005 Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) and participated in the founding of the Air Force Strategic Basing and Total Force programs.