Wiregrass participates in GA-AIM coalition grant

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is one of several technical colleges in Georgia that will participate in phase II funded by the Build Back Better Regional Challenge, the Georgia AI Manufacturing (GA-AIM) coalition.  This grant will address the ongoing systemic U.S. supply chain challenges through industry-driven workforce training, incubation and innovation, and strategic alignment among coalition members and industry partners.


ATLANTA, GA (September 2, 2022) – TAG is pleased to announce that TAG-Ed (TAG’s Non-profit Education Collaborative) has been named a recipient of a grant, made possible by the passage of the Build Back Better Act that was enacted in November 2021. The grant term is four years and is part of an overall grant within the state of Georgia of $65 Million—one of the largest awarded nationally. TAG-Ed is part of a larger coalition of partners that is being led by the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) and the GT Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2).