65 million dollar grant to middle Georgia for manufacturing and artificial intelligence

Last updated on August 24th, 2023 at 02:45 pm

A 65 million dollar grant was given to middle Georgia to help a statewide initiative to combine manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

CEO of 21st Century Partnership, Dan Rhoades, wants to help build the workforce of the future while featuring advanced technology.

“That we are developing that workforce that we are elevating people’s ideas of what technology, innovation, AI, robotics all of the future technologies”, says Rhoades

The goal of the grant is to increase jobs in rural communities and the money will go to the Development Authority of Houston county, Georgia Technical College, and Fort Valley State University through the 21st Century Partnership.

Rhoades says some of these technologies will also be used on Robins Air Force base

“Technologies that’s going to be used at the base are focused on AI and certainly robotics, so we need to be focused on those types of items in middle Georgia building out that workforce”, says Rhoades

Rhodes says the goal for the future is to make middle Georgia the next Silicon Valley.

“To be able to build Georgia as the technology hub of the south”, says Rhoades